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VIDEO: Farmer Gets Fed-up With Cars Parking On His Land, Fires Up His Tractor.

Pavao Bedekovic is a Croatian farmer who works hard and wants to be respected. It includes respect for his farms, which he was clearly not receiving. Rather, he was irritated because his land was being utilised as a temporary parking lot.

Even though his big property is a bit out of the way, on Sundays there is a big flea market nearby that draws a lot of people. Several sellers and guests, many of whom came from nearby towns or cities, believed Pavao’s land was an excellent site to park. Obviously, they drove into his property without his permission, which irritated him to no end.

Attempting to be a good neighbor, he respectfully urged vehicles not to park on his private property, but they ignored him and continued to park there every Sunday as they went to the local market.

Pavao begged the public to park somewhere week after week, but no one appeared to listen. That’s when he decided to teach them a lesson about trespassing on private land, and they’ll always remember it.

After being overlooked, the irritated farmer felt compelled to escalate the situation in order to get his point across. And he did just that. Pavao ploughed the earth with his farm equipment, creating a large trench between two sections of automobiles parked on his property, making it hard for the cars to exit and continue on their way after their visit.

Yeah, he got to work to prepare his cornfield and plowed the field around the automobiles that were illegally parked on his property so they couldn’t readily leave. Fortunately for us, it was all captured on camera.

His approach was both imaginative and ingenious, but others thought he went too far. In fact, as cars fought to get out, it wasn’t long before he was reported to the police, since other drivers claimed their vehicles had been damaged.

But, since it was his own property and no long-term damage to the vehicles could be identified, officials could do nothing and essentially informed the drivers that it was their own fault they were in the situation they were in.

Of course, the aftermath was also captured on tape, adding to the irritated farmer’s vengeance as supporting viewers got a personal glimpse at the outcome of his flawless plan to send a message to the impolite cars who violated his desires and his land.

The drivers clearly understand what it’s like to be inconvenienced as they get bogged in the soil while attempting to avoid the farmer’s smart trap. Pavao, on the other hand, stood up to help them get out, proving what a kind man he is.

After fighting to get off the property they shouldn’t have been on in the first place, I believe it’s fair to assume these individuals will never park there again. In fact, they’ll probably think twice about parking anywhere they don’t belong in the future. Pavao’s actions may seem exaggerated, but can you really fault him? After all, he had asked sweetly initially.

Nagging people is never enjoyable, and I believe we can all identify with how this farmer felt when his demands were constantly disregarded. If folks would just listen the first time, others would not have to resort to extreme tactics to get their message through. The basic truth is that this is his property, and if the impolite drivers hadn’t trespassed on it, they wouldn’t have ended up in such a sticky position — literally.

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