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VIDEO: Man Bashed In Back Of Head With Bricks, Falls Face-First To Sidewalk. Observers Recording Sneak Attack Laugh And Howl.

On a Sunday evening in Baltimore, Maryland, a frightening video showed a guy being smashed in the back of the head with bricks. Despite the fact that authorities had apparently not discovered the victim or culprit during the broad daylight attack, and the specifics were sketchy, the video went viral across various platforms.

The footage shows an unidentified guy crossing a roadway while another man approaches from behind. Without warning, the second man slams bricks at the victim’s back of the head, sending him falling face-first into the sidewalk. The horrifying occurrence is terrible to see, but what people watching and recording did in reaction is even more disturbing. Keep an eye on and listen to the video.

Just before the victim was hit in the head, a voice can be heard muttering, “b*tch you bet’ nt run,” likely from one of the persons recording the footage from across the street. After the man was hit in the back of the head with a brick and collapsed to the pavement, where he lay unmoving, at least two witnesses howled and chuckled in response.

One bystander exclaims, “Oh my God, he’s done!” as the victim remains unconscious on the pavement after the man who hit him flees. No one appears to be assisting the man who has been viciously abused. Nevertheless, a witness did contact the cops. The witness reported hearing a heated disagreement between the two males before the attack.

The Baltimore police department arrived on the spot, yet neither the victim nor the suspect were there. Cops did see a puddle of blood on the north sidewalk. According to the police file, the incident occurred shortly after 6:30 p.m. Sunday on the 100 block of West Hamburg Street, however they had not yet discovered the victim or culprit as of the following day.

Following the heated verbal confrontation, the first man started walking away, based on the witness who contacted the cops. The other man, according to the witness, took up two bricks, approached the first man from behind, and whacked him in the head. Following the incident, the suspect fled to the Sharp Leadenhall Apartments.

The witness informed authorities he didn’t know either the victim or the suspect. The victim is white, and the defendant is black, according to police, generating debate on social media. The video was supposedly shared on Instagram, although it is unclear if the Instagram user who uploaded it also recorded it or if they knew any of the males engaged in the event.

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