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VIDEO: Man Beats People As He Tries To Kidnap Three Children, Runs Into Wrestling Champ.

When Troy Bower and his 16-year-old son, Canaan Bower, drove into a convenience station in Las Cruces, New Mexico, they had no idea that fate had brought them there for a very important purpose. They stopped for a hotdog and a Coke when they heard a ruckus and were surprised by a horrific scene.

A woman and her three kids, ages 9, 2, and 1, were waiting for an Uber driver when a guy grabbed her 2-year-old’s arm and demanded she let go. The frantic woman backed away from the guy and hurried inside the gas station for assistance with her children.

Witnesses said that Daniel Arroyo Beltran, who is 22 years old, pushed his way into the store and hit two women who worked there and a man who tried to help. Yet, just as Beltran had caught up with them and began his chase of the helpless youngsters, a hero appeared in the most unexpected guise.

Canaan, Troy’s 16-year-old son, came up to Beltran, scooped him up from behind, and body-slammed him into the ground, according to Troy. The boy then got the kidnapper in a chokehold and held him there until the cops came. Canaan isn’t your average adolescent; he’s a 6-foot-2-inch district high school wrestling champion in the 285-pound heavyweight category.

Canaan’s parents said that the two female attendants had been “badly battered” and that the guy who tried to get Beltran out had “his face smashed in. Regardless of how many individuals tried to stop Beltran, they were unable to do it. Canaan was lucky to be in the right place at the right moment.

Troy voiced fear for his son’s safety, saying he didn’t know whether this guy had a gun or a knife. His parents, on the other hand, confessed that they are proud of Canaan’s bravery and unwavering determination to assist the innocent.

Beltran has an extensive criminal record that includes a litany of narcotics, drunk driving, and resisting arrest offenses. According to local officials, he may now add violence, assault, child abuse, and abduction to his list of crimes.

Canaan’s parents acknowledged that he is humbled by the acclaim he has properly gotten for his unselfish act of courage.

In view of fraudsters seeking to profit from Canaan’s valor, his parents wish to emphasize that their kid has no social media profiles and would never send letters requesting money. Their Facebook pages include a wealth of information.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete. . You can be a regular person. . You just have to be brave and willing to put yourself in harms way. *kidnapping of 3 children foiled by Good Samaritans who decided to step up and get in the way. All of them with no help or answers in sight. Video from Chucky’s Gas Station High School Student is a Hero!!! Canaan Bower is a 16year old Living Legend. Help when you can… if you can. Love y’all!!!!!

Posted by Brandon Vera on Monday, 30 March 2020

Canaan’s unselfish and brave acts may be the only way three little kids are safe with their mom. This simple hero’s tale is one worth telling in today’s climate.

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