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VIDEO: Man Grabs Woman’s “Flawless” Butt, Gets Dropped Hard On The Sidewalk.

A contentious video with filthy language is making the rounds on the internet after a man was caught receiving what many feel he deserves after allegedly caressing an attractive woman’s buttocks. The video opens with a very unhappy young lady wearing incredibly low shorts and a blouse that proclaims “Flawless.” Ms. Flawless is clearly enraged, shouting at a man for reportedly touching her buttocks.

When there is yelling and confusion, an eyewitness cries, “She’s about to tase this n*gger,” yet being tased was the least of this guy’s concerns. The ranting continues, with another lady joining in, until a guy appears and chooses to interfere. The buttgrabber is pushed at this point because the other man appears keen on starting a fight. The accused groper falls backward into a third guy, who reacts negatively.

After being pushed by the person who seemed to be looking for a fight, the butt-bandit collides with the third man, who swings around and strikes the grabby guy in the face. The hit knocks the groper to the ground, though he immediately gets back to his feet.

Sadly for him, he would have been better off remaining on the ground because he regains his footing only to be knocked unconscious by the other guy who had pushed him in the first place. Captain Obvious then wanders around the fallen man, capturing his astonished face in the footage as he slowly starts to wake up before concluding the video.

As the video went viral on social media, it soon sparked a controversy. Although most viewers felt that the male was improper to touch the young woman’s buttocks, several also pointed out that she should not be wearing such exposing clothing in public, slamming her short shorts.

One Facebook spectator said that he had no right to touch her. That being said, if she hadn’t been advertising, perhaps he wouldn’t have felt it was an invitation. Just put on some jeans that conceal ones butt. Numerous viewers had similar opinions.

Others, of course, stated that no matter what she was wearing, the guy had no right to touch her.

It seems that two wrongs do not equal a right in this circumstance. Although having that much of your rear end exposed in public might be considered impolite – not just to oneself but also to others around, her fashion faux pas does not give her permission to be groped by strangers. He should’ve kept his hands to himself. A virtually naked bottom should not be shown in public, but neither should a totally bare bottom be touched.

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