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Video: Repeat Offender Tries To Rape Woman In Walmart — Until Three Angry Men Step In.

Shoppers and staff at a Miami-Dade County Walmart were startled to hear screams of horror emanating from one of the aisles. Unbelievably, a group of strangers banded together to defend a lady from Brendan Jarmal Harvey, who tried to sexually attack her.

The girl informed cops that she was shopping when somebody abruptly raised her skirts and groped her buttocks from behind. As she turned around, the perpetrator pushed her on the ground and climbed on top of her.

The lady screamed as the attacker allegedly tore off her panties, aiming to commit a rape despite the close proximity of witnesses. Thankfully, her screams drew a throng, who hurried to investigate the noise. Three good Samaritans were on top of the attempted rapist in a second.

The first guy attempted to remove the suspect from the lady by jumping on his back. Suddenly, two more jumped into the melee and separated the attacker from his victim. As the suspect attempted to flee, the pursuers caught up with him only a few aisles away from the crime site.

The heroes sought to detain the perpetrator by seizing him. As he attempted to defend himself, the guys pushed him to his hands and knees before putting him in a chokehold. The video abruptly ends before the cops arrive to apprehend the culprit.

The suspect was identified as Brendan Jarmal Harvey, age 28. He was charged with attempted rape after his arrest. Miami-Dade The Police Tribune says that cops applauded the individuals who stopped him for ensuring the victim resisted additional assaults from Harvey.

Brendan Jarmal Harvey went before Judge Mindy S. Glazer, who remarked aloud that the incident was quite distressing after hearing the specifics of the assault. She ordered Harvey to keep his distance from the accused victim and the Walmart where the alleged crime occurred. The amount of his bail was $50,000.

When the incident happened, Harvey was already on probation, prompting many to assume he was too unsafe to be released. In light of the brazen and uncommon nature of the incident, the Miami-Dade Police Department expressed fear that there may be further victims. They are urging anybody who may have been a victim to come forward so that Harvey may be charged accordingly.

At an era in which many characteristics of inherent masculinity are decried as harmful, the courageous act of men using their power to protect the defenseless is a timeless story of valor. Without this well-managed militancy, those who misuse their authority would have unfettered control over the vulnerable.

The sight of these total strangers rushing to the protection of a person in peril restores some hope in mankind. There are still guys prepared to sacrifice their own lives in order to defend the vulnerable.

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