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Violent Criminal ‘No Longer Threat’ And Gets Released — Only To Do It Again.

Albert Flick received a 25-year jail term in 1979 after stabbing his wife, Sandra, 14 times in front of her daughter from a previous marriage. He was freed in 2004, but returned to prison in 2010 after stabbing another lady many times with a knife.

But, in 2014, he was freed again when a court determined he was too elderly to be a danger, despite the fact that he had already killed his wife and assaulted another woman. Officials would soon discover exactly how vicious Flick could be, irrespective of his age.

Albert Flick apparently fell in love with a 48-year-old mother called Kimberly Dobbie while living as a free man, and it would prove to be a deadly infatuation. According to Assistant Attorney General Bud Ellis, Flick realized Dobbie was leaving town and told himself, “If I can’t have her, I’ll murder her,” which he did.

Flick murdered Dobbie in front of her kids in a virtually similar knife assault to the one he committed on his wife decades previously. Flick stabbed Dobbie 11 times in broad daylight outside a laundrette in Lewiston, Maine, only steps away from her 11-year-old twin kids, Dylan and Cole, after following her for days and acquiring a pair of knives from a Walmart two days previously.

Before the incident, a witness stated he heard Dobbie warn the older guy to leave her alone, and he interfered when he saw the elderly man begin stabbing the lady, but it was too late. Dobbie was killed as a result of his injuries. She was savagely stabbed, piercing her heart and lung, as her defenseless kids could do nothing except watch their mom be ruthlessly taken from them.

Onlookers and youngsters, assumed to be Dobbie’s boys, are seen fleeing as the attack unfolds in heartbreaking security video. They were unable to rescue Dobbie, but one courageous guy was able to catch Flick. The witness “drop-kicked” the culprit and held his foot on Flick’s neck until police came.

Flick was caught and quickly found himself on trial for murder, where further information about his horrible deed were exposed. Although Flick’s defense counsel said there was no evidence his client represented a danger, Dobbie’s friends testified in court that she tolerated but did not desire Flick’s adoration.

It was also revealed that, in the days leading up to the murder, Flick followed Dobbie and her kids about the town where they were residing, following them to Dunkin’ Donuts, a nearby library, and the bus stop. Then, just seconds before her murder, Flick could be seen lurking outside the laundrette where Dobbie was doing her laundry, waiting for his chance to attack.

Albert Flick attacked Kimberly Dobbie as she sat on a step outside the building, talking on her mobile, once the sidewalk was clear of pedestrians. Prosecutors say Flick approached the unsuspecting lady before reaching into the small of his back and withdrawing the knife, which he then drove into her body without warning.

While the jury was not informed about Flick’s prior offences, it didn’t take long for them to reach a decision since the assault was not only seen but also captured on the laundromat’s CCTV cameras. Albert Flick was found guilty after just 45 minutes. He was convicted of the murder of Kimberly Dobbie, his second murder conviction after the death of his wife in 1979.

Albert Flick never explained why he killed, despite first pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, which he subsequently retracted. The “harmless” elderly man, who said nothing during the trial and listened to the guilty verdict through headphones because he is deaf, will no doubt spend the rest of his life in prison — only because Maine does not have the death penalty — but for some, that is simply not justice.

The daughter of his slain wife, who saw him murder her mother, is now an adult, and she cares for Kimberly Dobbie’s kids. The lads are going to have to live with it, Elsie Clement remarked before recommending a suitable punishment — not for Albert Flick, but for the judge who let him out of jail.

She believes the court should explain to them, tell them, tell them why they had to see their mother being butchered on the street, Clement remarked, referring to the woman’s kids. There is no healing from what they saw and the sorrow they are experiencing. Al [Flick] may have swung the knife once again, but this time there are others to blame.

It may be a good idea. When those responsible with enforcing the law, providing justice, and keeping innocent civilians safe fail so miserably, maybe they should be held accountable to those who are affected by their judgments. That may make some authorities reconsider releasing a “harmless” criminal back onto our streets.

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