Waitress Decides To Press Charges On Her Customer For Unzipping.

Source: Reddit

Yesterday while i (23f, I’m a very petite woman) was waiting tables on a busy brunch, a man at the bar of our restaurant watched me go into the bathroom, followed me in, and started peeing with the door open. When i came out of the stall i saw him and said “Sir, you can not be in here. This is the women’s restroom.” He turned around without zipping up his pants and flashed me. I opened the door and yelled “GET THE F**K OUT!” He smiled at me and laughed.

I went to get my manager and told her what happened. The man was removed from our business immediately. I went to the back and cried, pulled myself together and finished my shift.

Later a hostess told me she saw him wait and watch me go into the bathroom and then followed me. He was planning this.

My boyfriend came to pick me up after my shift and i went home. I popped a bottle of wine and chilled out. I later got a call from my owner asking if i would like to press charges. I never make decisions when I’m drinking but last night i was leaning towards yes.

This morning i woke up and i’ve decided to press charges. I’m going into work to talk to the police with my boss. I’ve had so many things like this happen to me and this is the first time I’m pressing charges. Who knows how many women he has done this to.

I’m sick and tired of these creeps making women feel unsafe when we are just trying to WORK. We have a FAMILY brunch. I’m fed up with men thinking they can intimidate me bc if my stature. Im sick and tired of being sexually harassed and assaulted while I’m just trying to make ends meet.

F**k that. I’m pressing charges.

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