Waitress Goes Viral When Mother Writes About Her On FB.

Source: Facebook

Everyday I hold a baby in one hand and eat with the other. But it’s not everyday that I have a waitress offer me to hold my baby so I can eat. Then she proceeded to still walk around to the other tables, with my baby, doing her job asking if they needed anything, etc. Its not like it was a down time either, this was busy lunch time. Everyone loved it. It was the sweetest thing. Hospitality is still very well alive.

Thank you so much to Charmin at Cracker Barrel in Lake City, FL. This made my day! ❤️  We’ve drove through 7 states between yesterday and today on our way to Disney and have been cooped up in the car. This was our first in restaurant sit down meal. You didn’t know any of that yet still extended a warm welcome. Thank you! God bless! 🙂

I told her it’s not my fault if she goes viral, lol but she deserves to! #kindnesscounts

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