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Watch a dad rescue his toddler daughter from coyote attack in broad daylight

After a coyote tried to lure his young daughter away, a quick-thinking father saved her — and the entire episode was filmed on home security video.

On December 2, the attack took place in the family’s front yard in the Los Angeles area of Woodland Hills. Ariel Eliyahuo is locking his car when a coyote comes up and takes Ariya, a 2-year-old who had just exited the car.

Eliyahuo reacts quickly as he hears Ariya’s screams. He starts yelling at the coyote and tries to liberate Ariya from its clutches. In addition, he is observed throwing a water bottle at the animal.

Shira Eliyahuo, Ariya’s mother, told that her daughter’s pants were splattered with blood and she had scratches on her body.

Ariya was treated at a local hospital and given rabies injections.

According to Captain Patrick Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the coyote has not been apprehended.

That dad did everything right, Foy tells. He responded properly, charging at the beast and yelling fiercely.

Coyotes attacking humans is not common, according to Foy.

There were seven attacks this year in Los Angeles County, which is higher than average, Foy adds. However, the likelihood of being assaulted remains extremely low.

Ariya’s clothes were transported to a forensic facility for testing in order to match DNA from saliva with coyotes arrested in the region.

The coyote in issue, according to Foy, was operating on predatory impulses.

Dad Rescues 2-Year-Old Daughter from Coyote Attack in Their Front Yard

Running to his daughter's defense, dad Ariel Eliyahuo can be seen in a home security video cradling his daughter in his arms and scaring off the coyote, which had charged into Ariya and snipped at her backside.

Posted by People on Monday, 5 December 2022

This coyote has been on their radar for roughly two weeks, Foy explains. On the day of the assault, they had volunteers going door-to-door attempting to inform the community on how to coexist with wildlife.

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