Watch Police Officer Comfort Baby After His Mom Left Him At Crash Scene.

Our Police officers have been taking a lot of heat in recent years but it is important to stop and remember all the good things that they do for us. Nothing demonstrates this better than the time officer John Neal Cooke saved a 2-year-old baby boy who was abandoned in a car after his mother crashed into a fire hydrant and fled the scene.

27 year old mother, Elizabeth Robles was alleged of driving under the influence after she hit a fire hydrant, took off on foot and left the child in the car.

The saving grace was Officer Cooke, who is seen comforting the poor infant in a video footage. As Cooke hands the baby his bottle, the boy reaches out to him for comfort. Cooke picks up the boy, holds him against his shoulder and gently pats him on the back.

It is pictures like this that help show us of the human side of police officers, prompting us that the huge majority of them out there are normal and good people who are just trying to do their job.

In this condition, it is safe to say Cooke is certainly one of the good guys. He really went well above and beyond the call of duty to save the kid.

In the video, Cooke explained on what occurred as he arrived at the scene and come up to the vehicle.

Cooke recalled that he hear someone yelling and realised there is a baby back there and it was just a little 2-year-old kid crying in the backseat of the car.

It’s hard to visualize leaving your child in the car and just taking off like that. Particularly as after the fact, the fire hydrant was left spraying a giant fountain of water high into the air. The mother must have been in an ample fear. Cooke said that the mother of this 2 year old baby did a monstrous thing in abandoning her child.

The police later arrested the woman and said that she had been drinking at the time when she crashed into the hydrant.

It all occurred early in the morning on Saturday, so it is likely she had been out with the baby all night partying. After the scene shown in the video, the child was taken to the hospital.

It is a small miracle as fortunately, neither the infant nor the mother or anyone else eventually suffered any injuries. Cooke said that it could have been much worse but they were right there at the right time.

In addition to driving under the influence, the mother will also face child abandonment charges.

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