“We Are Absolutely NOT Allowed To Wear Coats”: Bridesmaid Stresses About Her Health After Bride Bans Coats From Her Winter Wedding.

Some individuals who are planning to marry may prioritize aesthetics and building a specific image of themselves over the welfare of their loved ones. Some even go so far as to outright prohibit the wearing of warm garments. During the winter. In the north of England! In this story a bridesmaid explained how her beloved friend had chosen to forbid them all from wearing jackets as it would spoil the photographs. Scroll down to read the entire story and see how other internet users reacted.

Source: Reddit

I’ve been asked by a close friend to be a bridesmaid for her wedding. We’ve been friends for years and she’s usually fairly calm. But the wedding is this weekend. It is in the rural north of England (very north) and the temperatures are set to be -4 (degrees centigrade) with highs of 1 degree. This is COLD. We are wearing thin, viscose Ghost dresses and open toe shoes.

We’ve been told we are absolutely NOT allowed to wear coats throughout the whole day since it will “spoil the photos”. I’m genuinely dreading this wedding now since I am quite thin and feel the cold horribly. I also am worried for my health! When I asked about alternative plans due to the super cold weather she just basically told us all the lump it.

Help. Am I A Jerk for causing drama this close to her wedding? Will the photos be ruined? All the other bridesmaids were very silent on the WhatsApp group so that wasn’t very helpful either!

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