“We married ‘outside of our race’. We get hateful stares, slurs – woman says ‘we will rise above negativity’

Brady and Asharel met in college as freshmen; they had classes together and realized they adored one another but attempted to suppress it until they couldn’t. They dated all through college and married shortly after graduation.

It was a storybook experience for the two of them, getting hitched 10 months after they got engaged and then becoming pregnant ten months later, but not all saw their love for one other the same way.

Asharel explained that as an interracial couple, they’ve learnt to overlook some individuals while they’re out and about. As an interracial couple, they occasionally receive looks from both the white and black populations. Glares are intended to be critical since they are hitched beyond their race. The glares and hostile looks have never disturbed her husband and her, however they are aware of them.

They’ve been together for so long and have progressed so far in their relationship that they simply laugh and chat about how ludicrous it is for individuals to still critique an interracial couple in 2020.

Asharel moved to Glenpool, Oklahoma, when she was in third grade, and despite being one of the few individuals of colour at her school, she felt accepted.

Her better half Brady was raised in a tiny, largely white community where he was taught to appreciate everyone. She claimed that he treated his black buddies and coaches as if they were family.

Asharel also claims that now that they are both more mature, they recognise that certain individuals will always condemn them and dislike the fact that they are together, but this just helps to strengthen their bond.

Asharel and Brady had a newborn daughter and have promised to raise her to appreciate herself and to educate her on her ethnic roots. Asharel expresses that they are resolved to educate their child to love everyone, regardless of skin colour, looks, or anything else. They are adamant about teaching her to love with an open heart. They will educate her that the colour of someone’s skin does not determine who they are.

It’s astounding that individuals in 2020 have this reaction to an interracial couple.

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