Wearing Vaginal Fluid As Perfume Is The New ‘It’ Thing, Especially For Flirting At The Gym

TikTok trends are plenty, but a new one has some viewers turning their heads or even turning up their noses at an intriguing yet familiar fragrance.

Vabbing is a new fad that is claimed to assist you to impress a lover in the same way that a pleasant-smelling perfume can. Except when you vab, you’re using your body’s natural fluids as scent. That is, secretions from your vagina.

We understand if you find that strange. However, it appears that vaping is gaining popularity, particularly at the gym.

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TikTok user @jewlieah was the first to push the fad. When she shared the intriguing concept, it soon went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes. It’s a little out there, however as she describes in her success story, it makes sense.

When it pertains to vabbing, the goal is to dab your vaginal fluid on pulse spots like your wrists and behind your ears basically a place you’d dab ordinary perfume. That way, while you’re sweating it out at the gym, your pheromones will truly stand out.

In her video, the user stated that after vabbing and going about her business at the gym, a male came to her at random. They began conversing, clicked, and made arrangements to hang out. Clearly, she had a strong feeling that his urge to come chat to her had something to do with her overwhelming and appealing aroma. But who’s to say?

@jewlieah ♬ original sound – jewlieah

There is no conclusive proof that vaping works, although pheromones play a crucial role in sexual attraction. Several studies have found that males find women more appealing at their most fertile period of the month. It really has to do with estrogen levels, so it’s rather scientific. The real question is how far it will go.

While vaping isn’t for all, it could be worth a try! After all, even if it’s just in your thoughts, feeling more beautiful increases your chances of attracting a lover.

So go ahead and vab!

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