Wedding guest asks if she was wrong to drunkenly call the bride names at reception.

Weddings are a great occasion to express your best wishes and words of wisdom with the bride and groom, whether you’re a part of the big day or just in attendance. However, in this story a friend questioned about her disgraceful behaviour at her friend’s cousin’s wedding. Read the story and let us know what you think about this.

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I (22F) went to a wedding recently, for my friend’s (22F) cousin. My friend brought me along for emotional support since she was being forced to go.

My friend didn’t like her cousin at all, because simply put, the cousin is horrible to my friend. She would make fun of my friend’s appearance, which included anything from weight, hair, skin, etc, despite my friend being drop dead gorgeous. This has led to her having major self esteem issues. On top of that, there is a 10 year age gap between my friend and her cousin (32F), meaning it was literally, at one point an adult bullying a child. Friend’s cousin is also just an awful person in general, the quintessential racist “but I have black friends” mean girl who gossips, and fights with everyone.

However, my friend’s parents believe that family is forever no matter what, so she was dragged to the wedding, meaning I got dragged along as well. The ceremony happened and we moved to the reception.

Everything was going surprisingly smoothly, until I started dancing with one of the groomsmen on the dancefloor. Bride didn’t like this apparently. I know because she came up to me and asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. I was confused and asked her what she meant. She asked me why the hell I was “all over HIM”, him meaning the groomsman. I didn’t know why she was upset about it, after all, she had a new husband that she should be celebrating with.

My friend intervened after she noticed the bride talking to me angrily. Bride/her cousin turned to my friend and asked her why she “brought this s*** to her wedding”. I wasn’t too surprised given the stories I’ve heard about her, but nevertheless, that still stung. My friend told her to back off and not say that to me. Bride said that I was indeed a s*** for dancing with the groomsman. My friend explained to me that the groomsman that I was dancing with was her ex boyfriend. I turned to the bride and told her that she just got married to another man so it wasn’t like she wanted her ex back. She then told me that the chances are still high, and that I have no right to put my hands on him. I laughed and said “Ohhh, so you’re the one who’s actually a S***!”. Bride lost it, screaming at me, cussing at me, crying, while her husband was trying to escort her away, and all the while I was laughing my a** off. I had a few drinks then. My friend had escorted me away back to our table.

Now that the alcohol has worn off, I feel like I may be the a**h**e for saying that to the bride at the reception, as much as I hate her. According to my friend, she has been getting calls and texts from angry family members asking the both of us how we could ruin the bride’s big day. So Am I Wrong? 

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