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‘Werewolf’ Stood Along Road For Months Until Brave Stranger Approached.

“Werewolf,” as observers characterized the fearsome and dangerous-looking animal that had been observed standing by the side of the road near a California orchard for many months. The animal with ragged black hair that stood straight up on its neck looked hideous, hunched over, balding, becoming skinnier by the day, and entirely alone with rough, scaly skin and a sharp, broken tail.

Nobody dared to approach it since they didn’t know what it was and were too terrified to go near enough to find out. Unfortunately, the only thing everyone understood about the weird monster was that its terrifying look discouraged anyone from approaching it. Eventually, a Madera Ranchos resident determined that enough was enough and that it was time to deal with the unusual creature that had been lingering about the local orchard.

When a passerby saw the animal, which was so hungry that it could hardly move, she realized it needed care. So, from her vehicle, the lady made a fast Facebook post about it. She then waited nearby until assistance came. Fortunately, animal hero Megan Bowe responded to the call, racing to the site to save the neglected beast that no one else dared approach. That’s when she understood the shocking reality about the “werewolf.”

Megan, the creator of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups, stated that she was on the verge of crying when she realized how bad off he was. He was on his final legs. He was miserable and couldn’t even stand. This was not a “werewolf” in the least. It was a sickly and abandoned male German shepherd mix that hadn’t fed in weeks.

He looked pleased to eventually obtain aid after she gave the dog, whom she called King, some short roadside treatment. So Megan hopped in her vehicle with a willing King and drove him to an emergency veterinary facility. The veterinarian diagnosed scabies, a shattered pelvis, and a damaged tail, among other ailments and wounds. Surprisingly, despite his appearance, King was only a year old.

Her vet believes he was struck by a vehicle, which would explain why his tail was so messed up, Megan said. That injury occurred months ago since, by the time he acquired him, it had already begun to heal incorrectly. And because of his shattered pelvis, he couldn’t go very far to seek food on his own, so he was quite emaciated and dehydrated.

Since a number of King’s ailments, such as mange and scabies, were infectious, Megan confined him to her garage, where he could recuperate without infecting the other animals under her care. She began by giving King little quantities of food, slowly increasing the servings to help him recover his weight and strength at a steady rate. King would also need all of his strength since his pelvis, hip, and tail would need to be operated on.

After roughly a month of therapy, King’s health started to improve drastically, and he was eventually well enough to have surgery. Fortunately, the procedure was a success, enabling King to take regular walks to strengthen his legs as prescribed by the veterinarian. Sadly, the path to rehabilitation is lengthy, and King has much farther to go. Once he’s completely healed from his initial operation, he may need surgery on his second hip as well.

Although the voyage has been lengthy and is not yet complete, King’s development has made his circumstances seem much brighter than they were when he was the dreaded “werewolf” crouching by the side of the road. In fact, Megan believes that after a few more months of rehabilitation, that once-terrifying beast will be ready to be someone’s pet.

Megan said of King that he’s a tremendously affectionate dog who puts his head on her as though giving her a hug when she sits. Throughout everything, he has remained calm and comfortable. But, until he’s adopted, she is sure King will continue to enjoy his new life with Megan, which involves plenty of goodies, walks, snuggles, and car rides with the windows down.

He is happier than ever now, Megan says, and it’s easy to see why. Although she can’t comprehend how someone could abandon King, who is ill and hungry, it’s clear that she is a special person and a guardian angel for this dog in particular. It’s difficult to believe that all those automobiles passed him by without stopping. Since he appeared so awful, no one desired to bring him home or assist him. But it just took one person, Megan said.

The tale of Megan and King demonstrates that sometimes the difference between a coward and a hero is just one step. Congratulations to Megan and all the other animal lovers who refuse to turn a blind eye when animals are abused or neglected. Now, King will get the life that every dog deserves since one individual chose to act instead of looking the other way—even when the scenario seemed to be dangerous.

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