What Does The Term “Rainbow Baby” Mean?

Story by Liz Mannegren

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a child born after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. These babies are stunning bits of promise after a storm, a collision of both sun and rain alike.

These rainbows appear after a storm of grief, bringing with them shimmering swaths of delight.

But they weren’t the first ones to light up the sky. Because if the babies born AFTER loss are rainbows, then the ones we LOST must be LIGHTNING.

They touched down for a brief moment — too brief. And yet, their presence turned night into light, a flash of extraordinary brilliance,

Their little lives may have been surrounded by storm: by midnight trips to the ER, ultrasounds without heartbeats, and the pain of early goodbyes. But they were beloved bits of beauty.

When the storm rages and the electricity surges, plunging you into darkness; when the wind shakes the house and the walls rattle with rain – you remember the lightning. The sight of that sizzling, streak of light, that breathtaking blaze of power, makes the storm worth it.

Touched by lightning, you are indelibly marked forever.

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