What really happened when this cruel photo went viral.

Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson was shopping at her neighborhood Walmart one day when she lost her balance. She tripped and tried to catch herself on nearby shelving, but she struggled, particularly since she is tethered to a scooter.

Despite the lack of people around her, Jennifer was able to right herself.

Jennifer was about to discover that she was not as alone as she thought. Rather than assisting her or checking to see if she was okay, a stranger decided to photograph her fall and post it online.

Clean up in aisle three. Clean up in aisle three.

Users everywhere came to the post to mock her for being obese and for falling. Many people reacted with surprising rage, naming and describing a woman they didn’t even know.

They teased her about her weight, called her lazy, and openly reveled in her misfortune.

Of course, these folks understood nothing about Jennifer, who is a full-time mom with health issues and a love of crocheting. They also did not realize that Jennifer is not afraid to fight back.

Many people would avoid dispute if so many unknown users were heaping hatred on them. Jennifer, on the other hand, decided to speak up for herself.

She went ahead, understanding that it would draw even more attention to the photo that had been cruelly taken without her knowledge.

“I’m sharing this since individuals find it amusing to mock people with disabilities, she writes in her post.

Jennifer confronted the accusations of her being “lazy” by clarifying that her spinal condition, spondylolisthesis, which often causes pain and weakness in the legs.

The longer Jennifer stands, therefore, the more likely she is to fall–something she is used to.

She goes on to explain that on the day in question, she was feeling particularly weak and in pain. Despite her poor mental health at the time, she went food shopping for her family.

She slipped and fell hard while trying to pick up a case of soda for her husband. She assumed she heard giggling nearby but dismissed it because she is sadly accustomed to rude people making fun of her in public.

One can not see his disabilities but they are there and they are real. So, the next time one see photos mocking people, remember that one understand nothing about these people or the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Laughing at someone is never just harmless entertainment.

Jennifer also criticizes the photograph, saying that her main point in this answer is that she did not choose to be photographed at a low point in her life.

She continues to face accusations of laziness and the assumption that she “chooses” to be overweight or physically impaired.

Maybe most notably, she reminds everybody that obese people are treated as less than human and as something to mock. She just want people to understand that fat people are people as well.

She wraps up by making sense of that she isn’t looking for any sort of statements of regret or pity, however just attempting to empower understanding and sympathy.

We are genuinely dazzled by Jennifer’s effortlessness and minding notwithstanding such a lot of outrage. The world, particularly on the web, can frequently feel like a negative spot, yet the people who defend themselves as well as other people genuinely make it a piece more brilliant.

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