When Don Rickles Roasted Clint Eastwood, No One Could Keep A Straight Face!

In this video featuring Clint Eastwood, Don Rickles takes the classic roast to another level. Before sensitivity took over, those were the good old days. Classic roasts are among the most memorable moments in television history. Everybody chuckled as the greatest celebs took blows! Don Rickles attacked everybody from unknowns to well-known celebrities. 

Don Rickles roasts Clint Eastwood in the video below. Mr. Warmth criticises Clint in classic Mr. Warmth fashion as the audience roars! He generates more laughter in a few minutes than most comics do in a half hour. Eastwood takes it all in stride and chuckles along with the audience at his own expense.

Don Rickles is sooo funny and Clint Eastwood sooo cute. Don roasts Clint

Posted by Patty Matlock on Saturday, July 20, 2019

When Don Rickles got a hold of them, the actors realized they were in for it, and there was no space for sensitivity. When Don Rickles put his eyes on you, you couldn’t be a softie or have tissue paper sentiments. When Don Rickles roasted you, you realized you’d made it. It was a privilege to be offended by the man.

As Rickles approached, Eastwood knew what’s in store. They co-starred in the 1970s military comedy “Kelly’s Heroes,” so he was probably expecting to be on the receiving end of the remarks. Other actors in the film were Carroll O’Connor, Donald Sutherland, and Telly Savalas. Rickles didn’t mind if your mom sat beside you.

After deciding to throw his funny remarks, he didn’t spare any sentiments. He did exactly this to Clint Eastwood as he was seated with his mom. Mr. Warmth then focused his attention on Clint’s mother. Nothing was sacrosanct, which is the reason it was so amusing. Sadly, Don Rickles died in 2017. In Heaven, I’m certain he’s still chuckling and roasting his pals.

Don Rickles represented true comedy. Share this story if you loved Rickles and his humor.

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