“When I Get To Heaven, I’m Finding Eve And She Better Dish Her Whole Birth Story”

Story by Faith

Throughout this pregnancy, labor, and now fourth trimester I keep thinking about Eve. Yes, the OG first mama of the world. She went from paradise, to sin entering the world, to as God said it, “pain while child-bearing” and being cast out of Eden. 😳

I keep thinking about when she became pregnant with Cain. What that may have been like? Did an angel come down and go, “Girl, you’re going to be sick, tired, and your husband is going to annoy you, but it’s worth it.”

When she went into labor, did God just give her wisdom to do all the things and plan for a safe delivery? Was Adam freaking out, running in the grass going, “I’m going to be a dad. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

Today, they say “It takes a village. Ask for the help.” All which are very true statements, but who was Eve’s village? Her husband whose never done this before either?

No, it was God.

While I’ll never know her birth stories until Heaven, I can’t help but think God gave her all she needed. Strength. Wisdom. Confidence. Knowledge.

I can’t help but think God walked her through everything and prepared her for such a time as this. To which makes me think if God can make sure that Eve, whose never given birth and has no one to reference, is safe and provided for why not us too?

Depression and Anxiety like to tell us we can’t do it. It’ll never work. We aren’t strong enough. We aren’t smart enough. We should second guess ourselves because how could we know what’s best?

All of those are lies. We are smart. We do know what’s best according to God’s Word. Lastly, because of God’s strength we are strong.

When those lies try to tell you just that: lies, know that God is here for you. God is a safe place to land.

Ps. When I get to Heaven, I’m finding Eve and she better dish her whole birth story. 🥰

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