While Driving Down The Highway Alone Man Suddenly Hears A Big Laughter.

Story by Joseph J. Mazzella (Author)

I was driving my car miles from home. The sky was clear and the shining sun bathed the hillsides in light. It was so beautiful that I started to think of this wonderful world we all live in. What kind of place would this world be if there was no fear? What kind of place would this world be if there was no selfishness? What kind of place would this world be if we all could just love each other unconditionally? There would be no war. There would be no hunger. There would be no hatred. We would all care for each other. We would all help each other. We would all work together. The world would be alive with the sound of children playing, friends laughing, and people singing. What a glorious place this world would be then.

Suddenly, I heard the laughing voice of God in my heart and mind. It said, “such a place does exist my child. It is called Heaven. It is your job, though, to help bring Heaven down here to Earth.”

I drove home keeping those words alive in my soul where they will stay forever. As soon as I could I sat down to share them with you as well. May you always live fearlessly. May you always live selflessly. May you always live lovingly. May you always strive to do your job well and bring a little more Heaven down here to Earth every single day.

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