White Man Brutally Beaten By 11 Black Teens, State Attorney “Wouldn’t Touch” The Case

A group of 11 youths savagely attacked an elderly man who nodded asleep on a train, leaving him with significant injuries. Despite videotaping the horrifying occurrence, the state attorney’s office suddenly stated that it had no plans to pursue the accused.

The near-fatal beating occurred on February 3, 2020, in a passenger car on Chicago’s red line train at the Argyle stop. A 68-year-old man was found in a pool of blood after a group of 11 teenagers unleashed a violent attack on the unsuspecting person.

The old guy fell asleep on video, only to be woken by an adolescent girl attempting to pickpocket him. The victim claims he was terrified, but urged them to “don’t even think about it” before striking at one of the youths and missing, provoking the group to hit.

Bystanders watch as the pickpocket accused takes the victim to the ground and pounds him before fleeing to another car and returning with a bunch of buddies. The group approaches the victim, who has returned to his seat, striking him repeatedly on the face and torso. One male suspect even pushes himself up on the train’s bars to kick the victim in the head repeatedly.

According to the Chicago Police Department, even though the incident is being examined, no arrests have been made. The perpetrators are still at large, according to the spokesman, since the victim was incapable of recognizing his attacker(s) owing to his injuries.

The response from the Cook County State Attorney’s Office was even more distressing. The state attorney’s office, based on a police source, has stated that it “wouldn’t touch” the case if the victim fails to identify suspects or assist with investigators. When questioned about the remark, the state attorney’s office merely stated, they are unable to respond.

The 68-year-old man was left in a pool of blood until railway employees arrived at the Argyle station to aid him. Officials then interviewed him and obtained his version of the incident. He was brought to the hospital and treated for head and body lacerations. He also sustained blunt force trauma, according to cops.

Officials apprehended a group of teenagers near the station and questioned them. But, after gathering information, the suspects were released and returned home. Disturbingly, only one witness is listed on the police report, despite other passengers being clearly visible in the video.

Surprisingly, only one witness is named in the police report, despite the fact that additional passengers are clearly seen in the video.

As unpleasant as it is to know that roving bands of youths are picking vulnerable victims on the train, it is even more distressing that other commuters, who significantly outnumber the assailants, are ready to stand by while somebody is battered.

The state attorney’s office appears to have decided that the case will not proceed, abandoning the elderly victim without justice. Sadly, postponing punishment just encourages criminals like the group of teenagers to continue their reign of terror.

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