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White Man Gunned Down While Walking His Dog, Police Reveal Motive.

The three teenagers were playing basketball when one of them had the brilliant idea to randomly rob someone. They noticed 51-year-old James Patrick Stuhlman out walking his dog after spotting another man and opting not to rob him.

Stuhlman walked his 13-year-old daughter normally, but on the night of his murder, he ordered her to remain home since it was becoming late, potentially sparing her life. On March 12, as he strolled down a dark street, the father and owner of a local landscaping firm saw three youths approaching him, and as they ran into him, they proclaimed a robbery.

At one point, he did plead for his life, Captain James Clark told. The man said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they still shot him one more time.

Police detained 15-year-old Brandon Smith and a 14-year-old whose identity has been suppressed after the murder. The kids said they chose Stuhlman over the other man they saw as he seemed more vulnerable.

The gunman, identified as 15-year-old Tyfine Hamilton, remained at large, and police deemed him armed and dangerous, according to Captain Clark. ”Get with your parents and turn yourself in before we come and get you,” Clark said during a press conference. “We know exactly where you are.”

Unfortunately, the kids had all been in trouble with the law in the past, and investigators stated that when they searched a property where the lads allegedly resided, they recovered pistols and assault weapons.

According to Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker, when officers arrived on the scene, James Patrick Stuhlman was lying in a pool of blood and unconscious. The wealthy business owner and family guy was presumably holding his flashlight in one hand and his dog’s leash in the other, and what cops discovered next to him was sad. The dog was lying next to him and seemed to be frightened and in shock, Walker said, pointing out that the man’s beloved companion was quivering close to his dead corpse. In his other hand, he had a torch, he said.

His daughter goes for a walk with him almost every night, Clark said. ‘It’s a little late tonight, I don’t want you walking with me,’ he said to her for whatever reason. In other words, he may have saved his daughter’s life.

Brandon Smith was charged with murder and remains in detention, while the other juvenile was charged solely with robbery despite being an accomplice. Police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to Tyfine Hamilton’s arrest.

What is really revolting about this instance is a child’s disregard for human life. In the end, the dog in the tale showed more respect for life and love for a human being than these teenagers. Despite their youth, the suspects should be prosecuted as adults to the greatest extent of the law and made an example of so that others do not follow in their footsteps.

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