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Who is Jake Bongiovi? Meet Jon Bon Jovi’s son & Millie Bobby Brown’s fiance.

Brown, 19, and Bongiovi, 20, are supposedly engaged. They’ve been together since 2021.

The revelation elicited varied emotions from fans, with many believing Millie Bobby Brown is too young to get married—after all, most of us saw her grow up on Stranger Things.

However, the couple seems to be in love. Bongiovi posted images of the two on Instagram with the remark “Forever.”

Brown also posted a photo of herself with the remark, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want them all.”

Brown said in November that she met her fiancé on social media.

Last March, the pair made their red carpet debut together at the 2022 BAFTA Awards.

While Brown is the better-known of the two, Bongiovi is showbiz royalty in his own right: he is the son of legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi. Jake has a striking resemblance to his renowned father from his youth.

With his wife, Dorothea Hurley, the “Living on a Prayer” singer has four children. Dorothea was his high school love, and they married in 1989.

Jake is the third oldest of the couple’s four children. Stephanie Rose, 29, Jesse, 28, and Romeo, 19, are his siblings.

Jake was an activist in high school, organizing a school walkout to protest school shootings. “It’s enough. It’s happened too many times that we watch it,” Jake told the magazine when he was 15 years old.

Jake attended Poly Prep Country Day School, according to Elle.

Jake went to Syracuse University. According to an Instagram photo, Jake was dressed in Syracuse attire with his ecstatic parents, and the rock singer apparently assisted his kid in moving in. Jake, however, did not return for his second year, according to the institution.

Jake may resemble his famous father, but he has no plans to follow in his father’s footsteps as a rock star; rather, he wants to be an actor.

While he has yet to make his acting debut, he has two projects in the works: he was cast in the HBO Max film Sweethearts, which is set to conclude filming in August 2022.

He was also cast in the comedy Rockbottom, which is said to be about a hair metal band. Jake will portray Justin, a “potential new lead singer” who “must overcome stage fright in order to lead the band back to glory.”

Jake Bongiovi has grown up and looks just like his famous father! We wish him all the best in his marriage to Millie Bobby Brown!

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