Why This Couple Actually MOVED UP Their Wedding For Their Dog.

Estelle claims that when she first met Bruce, she just knew they would be friends for a long, long time. But Bruce is not your typical “Bruce.” Bruce is her bullmastif; the animal she refers to as her 4-legged son.

Sometime after getting Bruce, Estelle met Daniel, that man of her dreams, and they fell in love. Daniel loved Estelle, but, in time, he also learned to love Bruce almost as much. Then Daniel and Estelle started planning for their wedding, and they wanted Bruce to be involved in it. They had even planned for him to play a very key role in it.

But as the date of the wedding approached, their plans for Bruce started falling apart when he became very sick. His gums were white and his tongue was blue. Their veterinarian said Bruce was suffering from pleural effusion, a disorder causing his heart and lungs to fill up with fluid. A full scan of Bruce showed that he had a tumor in his chest but doctors were able to remove it and it looked like Bruce was going to be OK.

But soon after, the doctor discovered something else. It was cancer. And it was aggressive. Bruce was given only 6 more months to live. Obviously, Estelle and Daniel were just devastated by the news. Their special friend… Estelle’s 4-legged son… was dying.

So just for Bruce, the couple decided to move up their wedding much earlier than they had planned so Bruce could still play a role in it. Bruce got to wear his very own waistcoat, and was quite a hit with everyone at the big event.

Estelle and Daniel are glad they were able to include Bruce in their big day. And now they are hoping they can prove Bruce’s doctor wrong. They don’t intend to give up on him any time soon.

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