Why This Dog’s Owner DIDN’T DESERVE HIM.

We all get busy in our lives and, because of it, we often tend to put things off that probably should be taken care of. It happens. But can you imagine not feeding your family because you got too busy. Or how about not feeding or taking care of your pet… because you got “too busy.”

Having a pet is a responsibility. It’s a big one. You have to take care of it. Just like all of us, it needs food and exercise. And, just like all of us, it needs love.

In Florida, there’s a dog named Richter. Its owner didn’t think he needed all those things, so she didn’t provide him any of them. She was “too busy” to deal with that stuff.

That owner was Alexandra Drew. She brought him into the Humane Society of Sarasota County and told them she had just found him as a stray. But she wasn’t telling the truth at all. In fact, Alexandra had adopted Richter back in 2016 from the very place she was turning him in at.

Workers at the Humane Society discovered that when they scanned a chip that had been inserted in him. The woman wanted to avoid paying the $30 return fee and certainly avoid as well being associated with the animal’s poor condition. The dog was terribly emaciated; obviously had not been fed in a long, long time.

When confronted and asked why the dog was in such terrible shape, Alexandra told them that she was “too busy” to take the time to feed him. But even with that, she tried to pawn the blame off on someone else.

So a little bit of justice was served up to her on a silver platter, that silver being handcuffs. She was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. And workers at the Humane Society took care of Richter and nursed him back to health. And when he was good and healthy, a new owner was found for him, and that new owner was someone who was not too busy to give him food, exercise… and lots of love. Everything he deserved.

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