Wife accuses husband’s sister of failing to properly feed her kids as their babysitter.

Parenting is indeed a tough responsibility. However, at times each spouse does need their time and space for them to feel good and relaxed. In this story too a mom decided to take a break and was shocked when she returned home to see how poorly her sister-in-law babysits the kids. Read the story and let us know your thoughts on this.

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I (31F) have a one year old and a three year old, both girls. My oldest is very articulate and smart for her age with a good memory.

I’ve been a SAHM since my first birth and it has been a tiring few years. My husband (36) works Long hours and isn’t much help with the kids except on his days off.

He has acquired a lot of debt in the past five years. He had quit his high paying tech job and went back to school to be an ER doctor, (out of the blue, he had talked about it for years but didn’t even consult me when he quit) He has only recently started his residency.

We stick to a strict budget in our household because of all this, but he has always given me something extra every week for myself. I saved up enough from that to afford a cruise trip, with my sister, and take a needed break.

My husband didn’t mind me going, but was worried about the cost of daycare for the 2 weeks I would be gone. So his sister (25) offers to stay with him for free and watch the kids because she can work from home. I agreed and gave her instructions on what to do.

I got home early from the trip and his sister was asleep on the couch with my oldest next to her and my baby nowhere to be found. I freaked out because of this, (what babysitter doesn’t stay in the room with the BABY) and woke her up. She was very nonchalant and said the baby was in her room asleep. She was in her room, but the baby monitor wasn’t next to his sister while she was asleep, so if something happened she wouldn’t have known.

The house was a mess, toys all over the living room floor and there were dishes in the sink, and the trash was full. My daughter was also dressed very poorly and none of her clothes matched.

While I’m asking her about all this she’s packing her stuff and leaving, very fast for someone who didn’t do anything wrong. And leaves before I’m done questioning her.

I assumed she didn’t treat the kids right if the house wasn’t right, and asked my kid how it was without me. She said it was fine but she missed my cooking, and I asked what she ate while i wasn’t here. And she said microwave pancakes. And that’s all she said.

I called her and asked her why my kid only ate pancakes while I was gone (my instructions said no microwave food.) and she claims that isn’t true, and my daughter must be “confused” at the question because she made her a lot of stuff, (mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, pb j, all crap with only a few fruit/veg). So I asked my daughter again what she ate and she again said pancakes. So I told her my child isn’t a liar and she hung up.

She then called my husband AT WORK to tell him, and he called to tell me that he had seen his sister cook for her. I said that didn’t mean she wasn’t only feeding our kid pancakes when he wasn’t around. He is always on his sister’s side, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied for her.

He thinks I’m wrong for being mad and wants me to apologize. I want him to apologize for not believing our daughter to protect his sister. What are your opinions? AITA?

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