Wife Builds And Sets Up Furniture All By Herself, Husband Has A Problem With Her Taking Credit For It.

Nobody ever claimed that marriage is easy. Every couple has their arguments, disagreements but in the end works to mend on the issue and sail smoothly. Read the story to know why the husband was upset with his wife and what would you do in this situation?

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I 32(F) is the only child of my parents. It became clear growing up that my dad wanted a boy but made the best of what he got. He taught me how to do everything, like fixing stuff around the house, putting DIY furniture together(he’s big on that), woodworking, basically a lot of stuff that is traditionally expected of men to do, my dad taught me how.

My husband (33M) and I had our first child last year. We got most of the baby furniture from IKEA, I ended up putting all of them together(I’m not saying this to complain, it was relaxing for me). I also put together any of our child’s toys or chairs or whatever else that needs to get done.

Due to the on pandemic, my husband’s family hadn’t been able to visit. My SIL and her husband recently got the vaccine( they work in health care) and decided to visit us for the first time. SIL made a comment about how nice the nursery looked, and asked where we got the nursery furniture from. I told her we got them from Ikea and then she said it must have been a hassle for Her brother/my husband to put together. I told her that I put together the furniture myself and a lot of the DIY furniture in our house as well. SIL laughed and said she’d need some help with hers. I thought it ended there until they left. My husband said I was showing off and trying to show that he’s incompetent. I didn’t correct SIL with that intention, I guess I felt proud of my abilities. My husband is still sulking and keeps on insisting that the comment didn’t need clarification. Am i A Jerk ?

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