Wife Changes The Password As Her Jobless Husband Isn’t Contributing. The Internet Praises Her.

Every marriage has its own ups and downs. No marriage is perfect. Read this story a couple had a huge argument. let us know what the wife should do.

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My husband (M30) and I (F32) are going through some financial struggles right now. The reason for that is because my husband lost his job. He didn’t earn much anyway working retail, being overworked and underpaid. He said the reason he lost his job was because of his narcissist boss. money is tight and the load fell on me completely to provide for us and pay for everything including WiFi. he promised to look for a job though!.

My husband started spending most of his time on his phone. I keep asking if he is looking for a job and he’d say yes but it’s been 3 months now. And I grew suspicious because retail jobs aren’t easy to find. on the other hand I found myself paying so much towards WiFi service because of his endless activities on the internet.

I didn’t say anything till I ran into his former boss at the supermarket. We talked about my husband and I brought up how he fired him but he looked at me confused and told me he didn’t fire him, my husband quit with his own will after giving him a long rant about how he was sick and tired of working retail and that he will never work in this field again.

I was shocked and also fuming. I went home and confronted him. He admitted that it was true and asked me to understand because he was fed up with having to work as a server for rude, obnoxious people who don’t respect him the way they should. I asked what he was going to do then and he said he has been thinking of going back to school to earn a respectable degree and work a “decent” job. I asked where he would get the money to go back to school and he shrugged and said I could start a “fund’ for him with my salary because like he said he will no longer work retail. I lost it at him and told him I won’t save money for anything when I can barely manage, oh and btw I told him I was losing so much money on WiFi service and so I changed the password prohibiting him from using the internet again til he started helping pay for it.

He got mad and shouted about how I was robbing him of his rights to use the internet, But I stated that the internet is a privilege not a right but he called me selfish and unsupportive. I left for work later and he kept calling me telling me to give up the password but I kept refusing. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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