Wife Decides To Leave Husband After She Finds Out That He Kept Annoying Her With Baby Talk For Almost A Year Just To Win A Bet.

Regardless of whether you love somebody and believe they’re the best individual on the planet, there may be a few things about them that could bother or disturb you. Some say that it’s vital to think about these things as quickly as time permits and don’t overlook them. However, imagine a scenario in which this is the sort of thing that you have just seen as of late and have no clue about where it came from. In this story a wife shares her husband’s changing behaviour and decides to do something. Let us know if you agree with her. 

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We all go through phases and pick up annoying habits, and sometimes we just need our loved ones to gently tell us if we’ve picked up a particularly egregious habit.

Sometime in the last year, my husband has picked up a habit where he talks like a baby. At first it was funny, but passed into embarrassing, cringeworthy behavior quickly. Examples: doggo, pupper, woofer/subwoofer, pibble, hooty-boy, peepo, birb, meowmeow, sammy, sammiches, sammywhammy, chicky nuggies, chicky tendies, adding a toddleresque “lisp” to words, and the ones that really get gross are childish euphemisms for genitalia or sex.

I cannot emphasize this enough: it is not endearing or sexy to have my husband talk about my “boobies” and his “weiner” and “weenie” and “wee wee”, “hoohas” and “bajingos” (Nostalgia for Scrubs be damned). We have not had sex for six months because he cannot stop talking about my “boobies” and it makes me sick.

Just before the pandemic hit, we were out at a restaurant with some friends, he actually ordered a “chicky sammy” like, said that exact phrase. Chicky. Sammy. Look, it’s totally fine that he ordered the chicken sandwich. That’s not the issue. Our friends noticed the baby talk, because he insisted on continuing the “joke” and even started talking with this god awful toddler… lilt? Accent?

After that, I just couldn’t stomach the idea of going out with him to adult places. I’d go out to the brewery with friends, but god forbid he join me and say “Me wanty ‘nother beer!” or something.

I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know why he’s doing this. I finally hit my limit when we were grocery shopping and everything seemed normal and fine until he gasped like a kid, ran to the ice cream section and jumped up and down yelling “ICE CWEAM ICE CWEAM! I WANT CHOCWIT!”

I was MORTIFIED. People were staring at him and me. He kept going and kept saying “CAN WE GET POPSICOOOS?” and I just said “Either talk to me like an adult or I’m leaving.”

He started saying OOOOOO YOU MUST BE FUN AT PARTIES and LIGHTEN UP, WILL YOU? And sh*t like that. I just said f*** it, and left the store, leaving him to walk home (like a mile, it was fine) because I couldn’t even look at him.

Since then, things have been very tense, and he keeps telling me that he wants an apology for embarrassing him by leaving him in the store. I told him that people don’t get to demand apologies, if someone wants to apologize, it’s up to them, and I am absolutely not going to apologize for saving myself the embarrassment of a 35 year old man with a mortgage and retirement account asking for “CHOCWIT ICE CWEAM.”

He got his f***ing Mom involved, no joke. She keeps telling me it’s just a phase and that he’s probably bored and I should be happy this is his midlife crisis, rather than him f****ng 19 year olds at the local bar.

I’m going crazy. 

Would you be mad in her position & what advice would you give her?

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