Wife Finds Evidence Seeing His Dirty Clothes.

Story by Caitlin Fladager

My husband can never put his clothes IN the dirty laundry basket. They’re always on the floor. And it makes me appreciate him even more.

I saw this post awhile ago about how the men in our lives tend to never be able to put their clothes after work, into the laundry basket. How they’re always on the floor.

When I first saw this, I agreed. I thought to myself “oh my god THIS! It’s SO annoying!” I even showed my husband the article saying “why do you do this?!” And that’s the way I thought, until yesterday.

My husband came home from work, played with our children a little, asked what was for dinner, if I needed anything, then went to take a shower. Ten minutes later I walk past the laundry basket, right where our washroom also is. And I see it. The thing that would usually make me yell through the shower door. The thing that has annoyed me for so long. But this time, I see something different.

I notice the stains all over his work pants.

The dirty socks stuffed into his destroyed work boots.

The sweat filled t-shirt.

The evidence of just how hard he works, is all over the clothes he left on the floor.

So, I looked at those dirty clothes on the floor, that I once would have started a fight over, and I picked them up, put them in the basket, and walked away.

When he got out of the shower, he noticed his dirty shoes and clothes were no longer there, and that I hadn’t said anything. And he thanked me. Which he had never done before, probably because I was too quick to start an argument about it.

He said “thank you for putting that away, I had a long day.”

And I said, “I know. I could see it on your clothes.”⁣

Sometimes the things that annoy us, can be looked at differently.

I stopped looking at it as dirty clothes on the floor, and started looking at it as proof of just how hard my husband works to provide for us and our children.⁣

I am grateful he left his clothes on the floor that day. I saw him in a whole new light. It just took me awhile to see it.

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