Wife Is Against When He Buys Groceries For The Single Mother Next Door.

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We just had a woman (mid 20’s) and her daughter (9) move into the apartment across the hall from us.

The day the woman and her daughter moved in, she got on buy nothing, Nextdoor, Facebook marketplace, and really any other neighborhood buy/sell/give away group asking for furniture, baby supplies (she’s pregnant), and clothes and toys for her daughter.

Her daughter went to the same summer camp as my kids (9f and 11f) and after she started there, they conveniently had a food drive for their “disadvantaged campers”. My kids have been going there since they were 3 and they’ve never had a food drive.

Then when school started, she got on the parent groups and asked if anyone would be able to drive her daughter home from school and watch her for an hour until she got home. No pay was mentioned. My husband pressured me to say yes because she’s friends with our girls and she’s in the same class as our younger daughter so they can do homework together.

That hour turned into two and she started having dinner with us almost every night. Then the girl told my husband she doesn’t think her mom is eating when she has dinner with us. That day we had a lasagna big enough to feed all of us twice and he sent the leftovers home with her. Then he started to send all of our leftovers home with her, along with clothes our daughters grew out of, toys they don’t want anymore, and he started to buy extra groceries for them.

He didn’t get anything expensive, just things like milk, eggs, store brand cereal, fruits and vegetables, and sometimes meat. It started adding up to an extra $40-50 a week just for them. He also started helping them around the house.

I eventually told him to stop sending the leftovers home because I take them for lunch and sometimes the kids also take them, so not having the leftovers is costing us extra money. Plus the $40-50 a week should be spent on our family, not the woman across the hall.

He said we can afford it and they need it much more than we do and I said we already do more than enough for them acting as a free daycare for her and giving her daughter dinner 5 days a week.

He called me selfish, jealous, and cruel and now I want to know if I’m the a**h**e

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