Wife Is Left With No Words From The Day She Hired An Attractive Waitress.

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My husband and I own a restaurant. It’s a nice place and we employ people who are expected to act professionally. We have low turnover so we don’t hire new people that often. But last week I hired a new waitress because we need the coverage. She’s a very pretty woman in her mid-20s. She brought some experience and some excellent recommendations and so far she’s been a stellar employee. My problem is with the men who work for me.

Holy sh%t you guys. I’ve done my best to cultivate a workplace that is fair and kind and ethical. But some of these dudes have turned into fucking jackasses. It’s even worse because I’ve known some of them for years and they’ve never behaved this way in front of me before. I thought they were good guys, but all it takes is 10 days with an attractive young woman and they become slobbering pigs.

Tonight I had to fire one of my line cooks. This is a guy in his 40s who has worked for me for years. He worked with my husband before we owned our own place. I’m friends with his wife. And yet he decided that what he needed to do was ask this new waitress out… repeatedly. He cornered her in the walk-in and wouldn’t let her leave until she said yes. He’s a f#%^ing idiot because he knows I have a camera in there, but here we are. He’s fired in the middle of the dinner rush and everyone else had to pick up his slack. Now he’s blowing up my husband’s phone trying to get un-fired. Fat chance, buddy. My husband doesn’t suck.

I’m hoping that one high-profile firing will chill the other dudes out. Because I’ve seen several of them act like idiots around her. Dudes who I know are married or have girlfriends. We have a Christmas and a summer solstice party for the staff every year so I’ve met a lot of wives and girlfriends. It’s like they don’t think I see, or they don’t think I remember, or they don’t care.

I don’t know. I’m just so tired. And I’m down a line cook for tomorrow. And everyone is mad, or sad, or freaked out. I’m sitting here drinking a beer because my husband is gonna walk in soon and we’re gonna have to talk about it. And I married a good man, but I know I’m gonna have to explain that the firings are gonna continue until the harassment stops. I’m just so tired. Why are men like this?

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