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Wife-killer Who Strangled His Spouse And Buried Her Body In A Suitcase Walks Free

A British man who killed his wife and dumped her body in a suitcase in a shallow grave after she found he was cheating on her with their teen babysitter has been released eight years into his 67-year sentence.

Alexander Clack, 40, assaulted and choked Nixiann Downes-Clack after she threatened to divorce him after he had a relationship with the couple’s 17-year-old babysitter.

In June 2014, the former jail officer from London murdered his wife on their fourth wedding anniversary.

He buried her corpse in a tiny bag, which was discovered five days later in a shallow grave on the outskirts of St George’s, the capital of the Caribbean island Grenada.

Clack was sentenced to 67 years and six months in jail in February 2016, but he was released when his counsel claimed that the loss of a court computer with a record of his murder trial rendered an appeal unfeasible.

Kim Szmyglewska, Nixiann’s aunt, stated, she is terrified. How could they free somebody on such a trivial technicality when he is plainly a risk to women?

Now he’s gotten away with murder and is on his way here.

Clack’s old acquaintance said, this choice defies belief. Even before the killing, he had been engaged in domestic violence that resulted in police calls.

Mrs. Downes-Clack began studying travel and tourism at Southwark College in Lewisham, south east London, when she was 16, and met prison officer Clack, 24, on the social networking site MySpace when she was 20.

Mrs. Downes-Clack began living at Clack’s flat in Croydon, South London, and eventually moved in with him.

After moving from Kent to Grenada in 2009, the ex-pats looked to have a fabulous life.

She became pregnant in March 2011, and when her daughter Anna (not her real name) was born in December of that year, she described Clack as a devoted dad.

When their daughter turned one, they employed a 17-year-old babysitter so Mrs Downes-Clack could return to her job.

However, she soon realized that Clack had seduced the youngster, having sex in their married bed, according to evidence presented during his murder trial.

Mrs. Downes-body Clack’s was discovered five days after she went missing, and Clack was apprehended and charged with non-capital murder.The pair married on June 17, 2009, before relocating to the affluent southern suburb of Lance Aux Epine and co-founding a successful recruiting agency.

He had erupted in a rage after picking up his wife from work after she had threatened to leave him.

He’d battered her black and blue at home before choking her in front of their two-year-old kid.

He’d then stuffed her deceased corpse into a suitcase and driven it to a hilltop overlooking Grenada’s lovely capital, St George’s.

He’d buried the case in a three-foot-deep trench there.

Anselm Clouden, Clack’s lawyer, stated, Mr Clack was thrilled but is a very reticent Englishman.  He may have toasted with a glass of port. He heard the British High Commission aided in making plans for him to return home.

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