Wife ‘learns that her husband of ten months is actually a WOMAN’

According to local media, a wife has discovered that her spouse of 10 months is actually a woman, despite the two being ‘intimate’ several times.

The Indonesian wife, identified only as NA, 22, is suing her ex-partner, who also professed to be a neurologist with a New York degree.

The pair met on a dating website, with the ‘husband’ going as Ahnaf Arrafif in Jambi City.

They met on in-person dates after starting a romance online, and Ahnaf even came to stay with NA for a week to help take care of her ailing parents.

The prankster proposed after only a few weeks of dating, and NA’s parents approved, according to reports.
However, four months after their marriage, her family began to suspect NA’s new husband.

Despite professing to be a certified doctor, Ahnaf never presented ‘his’ own family and looked to have a fairly casual routine.

NA’s mom also noticed that Ahnaf never removed ‘his’ clothing and would wash with them on while others were there.

When his wife questioned him about the lumps on his chest, Ahnaf explained that it was a hormonal issue.

When the mom insisted that ‘he’ undress to show he was a guy, Ahnaf disclosed that he was actually a woman called Erayani who had lied about all of it, even her employment.

NA informed the Jambi District Court that she had no idea the individual she wedded was a guy until her mom began to question their connection.

She said they were ‘intimate’ several times, but her partner insisted on simply using their hands.

Erayani is now in court, but not for pretending to be a different gender, but for fabricating her credentials as a doctor.

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