Wife Response Seeing Pictures On His Phone Will Bring A Smile To Each One Of You.

Story by Jennifer Thompson

My husband took this photo yesterday and when I saw it, I told him it reminded me of something from the 80’s. Or of a scene from Stranger Things.

Simple times. That’s what this photo says to me.

Going on walks and riding skateboards. Shooting hoops and watching movies.

Playing on devices and painting pictures. Siblings fighting while the parents scream up the stairs – “Stop fighting!” and “Quiet down!”

Doing chores as a family and making food together. Sitting down to eat at the table or in front of the TV.

Trying to get through a board game without a sibling squabble or tears. Figuring out if words are real in Scrabble.

Reading books and lying in hammocks. Remembering what it feels like to be bored and reminding the kids that boredom is a good thing. Even if it doesn’t feel like fun.

Listening to music and making popcorn on the stovetop. Playing a game of solitaire with a real deck of cards.

Trying new recipes and making Dole Whip for the first time. Falling asleep late and sleeping in when the morning comes.

Simple times. That’s what this photo says to me.

In one of the most complicated of times with uncertainty swirling all around. This is what we’ve returned to.

Simple times.

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