Wife Sparks Debate After She Says There’s No Need To Iron Bedsheets

There are several factors why couples fight and argue. It can also be the result of deep-seated flaws in a relationship, such as trust or abandonment problems. Nevertheless, there are occasions when couples disagree on little matters and quarrel. No relationship really agrees on everything all of the time. There will always be times when we will quarrel and dispute over issues on which we disagree. Read the story to know what clash took place between this couple and let us know what you would do.

Source: Mumsnet

Because there are possibly two hundred and eighty five million better things I could be doing with my time. And uh I have a life?!!?? In fact I’m pretty sure lots of people don’t even iron the duvet cover (the bit that you actually bloody see!) DH and I got into a semi serious fight over it last night.

He was positively horrified when he saw me putting on a *scream UNironed fitted sheet on the bed. I had spent ages ironing the rest of the bedding (duvet and pillow covers) and two kids’ bedding so this royally pissed me off. So, tell me I’m not being unreasonable. All you normal folks with your heads screwed on correctly. 

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