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Wife Speaks Out After Firefighter Husband Dies Mysteriously On Their Cancun Vacation.

Some may be tempted to dismiss Elijah Snow’s unusual absence and death as a drunken accident. But Jamie Snow, his wife, believes there was more to it.

They had only just begun their holiday in Cancun. They went out for supper and cocktails on the first night. Jamie returned upstairs since Elijah desired to stay a bit longer at the hotel bar. Elijah had not returned when she awoke hours later. Not only that, but he wasn’t even in the hotel.

Elijah’s body was discovered hanging from a tiny window in the building next door. Many people imagined he got too intoxicated, stepped outside, and got lost at the moment. Jamie, on the other hand, thinks of a different scenario based on her husband’s profession at the time, as well as injuries discovered on his body. She suspects he went on a walk outside the hotel, met the wrong kind of people, and was battered to death.

Elijah was a fireman, and he was strong and athletic, so he would have known where he could fit in. So he’s already aware that the window is too narrow for him to pass through. A slab also concealed the window. He wouldn’t have recognized the architecture of the structure because he hadn’t been in Cancun for very long.

However, there were injuries that suggested he had been trampled to death. Jamie feels that some of the scars she noticed on his body may have originated from somebody’s sneaker.

Jamie must be in a lot of agony because she doesn’t know what occurred. It’s every spouse’s worst nightmare. Surprisingly, it appears that many local officials are inclined to dismiss this issue, yet there are several signs that prove Jamie is correct.

If this was a premeditated murder, she has the right to pursue justice.

Watch the video to learn more about Jamie’s feelings the next morning.

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