Wife Response When Stay At Home Husband Orders To Cook Before Leaving For Work.

In a relationship both man and woman should be treated with love and respect. The chores and other things revolving around the two should be mutually divided. Read this story and tell us what you think about it.

Source: Reddit

Because I’m not “house-wifey” enough for him. I work a full-time job with an hour-long commute and wake up at 4:30 every morning, and he works at home. He is upset that I don’t come home after work and cook a meal for him that’s big enough to also have leftovers that he can then eat the next day for lunch. Mind you, he always just eats frozen meals for lunch because he can’t be bothered to cook for himself.

He had the audacity to tell me that I should just put a pot roast in a crock pot before I leave for work at 5am, then he can be home to make sure it doesn’t burn (literally meaning make sure the house doesn’t catch fire, not actually checking the food temperature). Like WHAT!? Put the damn thing in yourself if you think it’s not that big a deal!!

He grew up in a different country with a different culture, where his mom and dad both worked full time, but his mom still cooked for the entire family of 7, so he doesn’t understand how I can’t just do it for the 2 of us. I had to be the one to remind him that he also had TWO LIVE-IN housekeepers/maids AND his mom worked from home.

While I don’t disagree that someone should definitely be cooking and it’s not healthy or financially wise to order out every night, why is it my sole responsibility? Oh, right, because I’m a woman…

Finally broke up and I’m now sitting on my brand new bed that I built myself, in my new gorgeous townhome, not having shed a tear this entire time, wondering why I just didn’t do this sooner myself!

I refuse to apologize for being a career-oriented woman, and not living up to society’s roles for me. Now I’m going to cook for myself because I WANT TO, not because I need to fulfill my “womanly duties” for a man that doesn’t respect my values or needs. My family and friends tell me I overreacted and should say sorry and go back to him. Did I go too far here? Do they have a valid point or not?

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