Wife Writes On FB The Hardest Day For Her Husband.

“Today was a hard day for my husband. He had to go to one of his best friends funerals. He has felt so much sadness, especially since they had not talked in close to 8 months. He has been so distraught all week, and today he was on the brink, with feeling so much grief. He didn’t talk much today. He was silent and trying to be strong.

We went to dinner at Applebees on Shaw here in Fresno, to meet with my mother in law, to discuss my daughters softball game. While waiting to be seated my husband (who has tattoos and to some looks like hoodlum even though he is a strong blue collar guy) held open the door for an older man, after we sat down and started eating, a gentlemen in plaid came up and patted my husband on the back said that my husband was very kind for holding the door for that old man, after that mans meal he came up and handed my husband ten dollars and shook his hand and said thank you for being such a gentlemen again, while my husband said no he couldn’t accept that, this man persisted and said “buy your self a beer on me please”. my husband graciously accepted.

To this man who I hope will find this post and read this, thank you for being such a nice guy, you did not know the pain my husband felt today but you felt after him being polite to someone he deserved a pat on the back. You made my husband smile and forget for a minute that his friend just passed, you helped him remember that being a nice guy is sometimes what counts. I hope you read this and you know from the bottom of my heart I thank you.”

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