Wife Writes Sign After Husband Passes Then Garbage Men Stop By To Tell Her The Real Story.

Have you ever encountered somebody who was just lovely, gentle, and compassionate?

One of them was Charlie Poveromo of New Jersey. Charlie was one of the most gentlemanly individuals he’d ever encountered. To him, everyone was an individual. “He spoke directly to people, and his eyes never wandered, said Tony Del Gatto, owner of Grissini, where Poveromo was a popular bartender.

Poveromo was well-known for looking after others around him. That’s why he jumped to help several neighborhood garbage collectors who appeared to be in need.

Maybe 5+ years ago, during a horrible summer heat wave, Charlie watched the garbage truck drive up and the workers were pale and sweating hard, his wife, Velvet Poveromo, recounted on Facebook. He dashed into the kitchen, collected a number of plastic cups and their huge bottle of water, and made sure everybody received plenty.

He also provided them with a shaded location to sit.

Even though he only had one day off that week, he went to the local grocery shop to pick up cases of bottled water, ice, and a cooler.

He loaded them into one of their coolers and waited for the truck to pull up the next morning at 6:30 a.m., after working all night and only receiving a few hours of sleep, she explained. She observed as he walked up to the truck and explained that the cooler will now contain cold beverages for them all summer.

Not only did the sanitation engineers swing over for refreshments, but so did cops, firefighters, and construction employees.

This summer, however, there was practically no cooler since Poveromo died of a heart attack in March. However, Velvet chose to take up the duty.

The cooler now includes a photo of her spouse and a message that says “Charlie’s Cooler.” Individuals are now giving goods to Velvet’s cooler, and some are making their own Charlie’s Coolers.

They’ve appeared in Paramus, Ramsey, Norwood, Oradell, upstate New York, and Wyoming, among other places.

“It’s taken on its own life,” Velvet remarked. “Everyone who does it is paying honor to him.”

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