Will And Jada Pinkett Smith May Be Heading For ‘Ugliest’ Divorce After Oscars Slap, Sources Allege

Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars about a month ago when the comedian cracked a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Rumors are now circulating that Will and Jada may be divorcing as a result of this scandal, with sources claiming that their breakup might be one of the “ugliest” in Hollywood history.

A source close to the family expressed that tension between them has been obvious since the Oscars fiasco. There have been issues for years, but they are hardly communicating currently.

The person continued that if they divorce, Will has a $350 million fortune that Jada would be entitled to half of under California law. It might be one of the ugliest divorces in show business history, lasting longer than Angelina and Brad’s. Will doesn’t want it, but he can only take so much.

Will smacked Rock for comparing Jada, who is bald, to the fictional G.I. Jane. Will has subsequently withdrawn from the Academy and has been barred from attending any Academy events, including the Oscars, for the following 10 years. Nonetheless, he has been permitted to keep the Oscar he earned for his efforts in the picture King Richard only seconds before the slap.

Will claimed the day after the slap that all types of violence are toxic and harmful. His behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was inappropriate and irresponsible. It’s part of the job to make fun of him, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for him to stomach, and he responded emotionally.

Will was alluding to Jada’s alopecia, a disorder that causes patients to lose their hair. Will stated that he want to officially apologize to Chris. He was incorrect and out of line. He is humiliated, and his actions did not reflect the guy he want to be. Violence has no place in a society of love and peace.

Following the slap, a video of Jada appeared in which she stated she “never” intended to marry Will. Jada remarked she was under so much stress, being a young actress, being young, and she was just pregnant and she didn’t know what to do. She never intended to marry.

Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Part 1)

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Posted by Red Table Talk on Monday, 22 October 2018

This Oscars smack appears to have added strain to a marriage that was already on its final legs. If that’s the true, it wouldn’t be unexpected if Will and Jada announced their divorce in the near future. It will be intriguing to watch how this all plays out!

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