With just days to live, a Virginia woman marries the love of her life; he is gone a week later.

Sarah Myler and Jeffrey Benesch met through common Facebook acquaintances, which led to a life-changing coffee meeting in 2012. Sparks flared, and they understood they’d be together from the start.

The couple had no idea the trip that life would take them on. They had their ups and downs until one of them died—but not before they had the ideal finish to their once-in-a-lifetime love tale. Sarah admired Jeffrey, a volunteer fireman with a generous heart. He moved in with Sarah, her sister, and their niece. The four of them got along well, and Jeffrey proposed in 2015 with his grandmother’s ring.

But, life got in the way, and they weren’t in a hurry to say “I Do.” They had no idea their wedding would take place in the most unexpected of places and under the most difficult of conditions.

Jeffrey was diagnosed with a cardiac condition in 2018, which required extensive hospitalization. In 2020, physicians disclosed that Jeffrey’s heart was too weak for a transplant, limiting his time with his loved ones.

Sarah was sad, but she understood there was still something she desired to accomplish. She desired to marry her closest friend and love of her life, and he desired the same. Sarah quickly planned a wedding with the support of her family and medical personnel. She revealed that one of Jeff’s favorite nurses assisted them in finding a location for their outdoor wedding, and someone else arranged for a classical guitarist from Duke’s outstanding art department to perform for them.

It wasn’t the ideal setting, but the pair was marrying for love’s sake. They couldn’t get a marriage license in time, so their vows weren’t legally binding, but that didn’t bother them. The lovebirds were solely concerned with making the vow they hoped they had made years ago.

Sarah was able to obtain a wedding gown for the tiny ceremony thanks to the help of a colleague. She remembered her coworker expressing earlier in the year that she had a wedding gown she wanted to get rid of. Sarah explained that she contacted her and asked if she could borrow it?

It was a gorgeous day in the grounds of Duke Medicine Pavilion, where Jeffrey was getting palliative care, and Sarah and Jeffrey’s love was palpable. They exchanged vows and relished the priceless occasion that would remain forever.

Jeffrey died on April 2, 2020, two days after the event. During the closing moments, his new wife was by his side and held his hand.

Sarah disclosed that Jeffrey was an organ donor as a final act of selflessness and charity. His death would not be in vain, and he would save innumerable lives.

The couple’s unusual journey astounded netizens. Their contemporary love story was uplifting, albeit painful. Many individuals expressed their sympathies, and others acknowledged being moved by Sarah and Jeffrey’s story.

Sarah and Jeffrey were fortunate to have met. While they endured much grief and loss, they also had the chance to experience genuine love. Rest in peace Jeffrey!

You have been gone 3 months today. I still expect you to walk in the door any minute. I miss you and love you and am trying to be better each day. I'm not always succeeding but I'm trying.

Posted by Sarah Myler on Friday, 2 July 2021

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