Woman, 22, claims her sugar daddy pays for her more than $1200 lip filler procedure

A lady who has spent over £1,000 on lip filler claims she has never felt more confident, and claims her sugar daddy frequently foots the tab.

Chanel Challacombe, 22, of Kent, began getting lip filler when she was 20 years old, and she was addicted from the first shot. The psychology student now has her lips topped up three times a year, with up to two milliliters injected into her face each time.

The 22-year-old, who enjoys the confidence boost that cosmetic injections provide, also admitted to having filler injected into her chin.

She stated that she can pay up to £299 for filler during one appointment, which is more than some individuals pay in rent. Nevertheless, she isn’t concerned about the cost because her sugar daddy generally handles it.

Chanel claimed she had always suffered with her self-esteem after being tormented at school, but filler has provided her some of her confidence back.

Having received several harsh comments on social media for her large lips, she claims the haters no more affect her.

She received hatred on TikTok, and her family doesn’t like it, she said.

She went on to say that she used to reply to harsh remarks, but she kept getting TikTok bans.

She, on the other hand, now allows negativity to wash over her and uses the abuse as fuel to have more filler.

She believes she started getting filler as a coping method. Her partner wasn’t a fan, and when she started getting more, they split up, Chanel explained.

She began to stuff her lips more and more after the break.

Chanel expressed her opposition to a proposed regulation that would restrict people’s access to filler to those with prescriptions.

While she is concerned about the mental health of some young ladies who believe they require filler, the 22-year-old believes that restricting the operation would drive more individuals to the ‘black market.’

Chanel, despite her personal love of filler, would never recommend it to anybody else.

As you receive it, it makes one feel so much better, yet when it fades, it makes one feel much worse, she explained.

Chanel noted that now that she has been using filler for a long time, she only trusts one individual to administer it.

While she proceeds to have the cosmetic procedure done, Chanel also wants to undergo a boob job, for which she will fly to Turkey.

She was obliged to go abroad for this because her GP would not write her the letter to get it done in the UK, she explained.

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