Woman, 46, Welcomes Identical Triplets Years After Being Told by Doctors Her ‘Eggs Were Too Old’

A 46-year-old Utah lady said she just gave birth to identical triplets despite being told she couldn’t have any more kids.

Audrey Tiberius said that she thought she couldn’t conceive again after a doctor informed her that her “eggs were too old” some years ago.

Tiberius then had three rounds of fertility treatments in the hopes of having additional children, but each effort was unsuccessful, she said. Still, she clung to her fantasy.

She prayed for five years for more kids as she always wanted a big family, and seven was kind of her number, she says.

Tiberius and her husband Tyler allegedly welcomed three sons — Sky, River, and Bay in March after she fell pregnant naturally.

With these wonderful infants, she just feel like her life is complete, she explained.

Tiberius, who also has kids Marcus, 13, James, 11, Christian, 9, and Max, 7, told Today that she met with a statistician who warned her that conceiving identical triplets at her age was extremely unlikely.

Most scientists estimate that identical triplets occur once in 200 million births, she added. According to a statistician, the chances of a 45-year-old producing identical triplets are one in 20 billion.

Tiberius stated that she has been pumping breast milk for seven hours a day since the boys were born in March, and she is asking for breast milk donors for assistance.

Following the additions to their family, Tiberius and Tyler are still considering pursuing another dream of theirs: having a daughter.

She was desperate for a daughter, she told. Clearly, the sky’s the limit on what may occur, adds her spouse. So perhaps they’re not done yet. Who can say?

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