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Woman Abandons Newborn Son at Boyfriend’s Home – He Raises Boy as His Own despite DNA Results.

Moisés Costa, a native of Goiana, Brazil, opened the door to his lover one day and discovered she wasn’t alone. He saw she was holding a baby and welcomed her inside. Costa mistook her for a visitor, completely unaware of the future.

After some time, his partner informed him that she wanted to go food shopping and would appreciate it if he could look after the kid. Costa consented and promised to keep the baby until she returned. That, however, never occurred.

Posted by Moises Costa on Thursday, 30 September 2010

Costa immediately realized that the mother had deserted her newborn boy and had no intention of returning. He allegedly found out about her pregnancy while she was five months pregnant. Costa’s intuition told him he wasn’t the baby’s biological father, despite her claims.

Costa said that his girlfriend resided in a different section of Goiana and called him when she was five months pregnant. When her baby son was just a few months old, she dropped him off at his house and departed, telling him she needed to go shopping.

Costa claims his mom urged the lady to return for her baby son, but she never did. To put to rest any rumors and ease his mind, the Brazilian guy decided to undergo a DNA test to determine once and for all if he was linked to the infant.

Eu e o Davyd fazendo caminhada hoje pela manhã

Posted by Moises Costa on Saturday, 22 June 2019

The woman’s allegations were proven untrue when Costa discovered he was not the child’s biological father. His reality, though, had changed: he was left to care for a kid who was not his, with no trace of the original mother.

Costa could either love or abandon the child. He went with the first choice. It wasn’t easy keeping an eye on Davyd Cesario Silva, but Costa refused to give up.

According to Costa, baby Silva became ill immediately after his biological mother abandoned him and had to be brought to the hospital. According to reports, the baby child endured convulsions and other health issues that needed rapid medical attention.

But, in order to obtain the therapy, Costa’s mother and stepfather had to register as citizens. Costa said that their swift efforts and kindness saved baby Silva’s life.

Eu, Davyd e a Walquiria no Corae

Posted by Moises Costa on Thursday, 5 December 2019

Costa gradually realised that Silva was unique and needed his complete attention and support. Silva suffered cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and irreversible limb atrophy. He couldn’t speak or move, and his cognitive and mental abilities were comparable to those of a kid.

Despite the fact that Costa and Silva had no family links, the two formed an intense heart-to-heart bond. Costa puts it like way: “He is my son at heart and my best friend. I do everything to take care of him.”

Silva became an essential part of his existence after being placed in Costa’s care when he was just two months old. Costa was able to give Silva the love and care he needed with the help of his mom, Mara José.

Eu, Davyd e a Walquiria

Posted by Moises Costa on Saturday, 26 January 2019

A heartbroken Costa acknowledged that his ex-girlfriend paid Silva visits in the early years. She allegedly never indicated a desire to retain him, and with the small boy’s mounting health issues, Costa could see she wouldn’t be a regular presence in his life.

52-year-old Costa and his 72-year-old mother, Mariá José, had no intention of abandoning Silva, 25. Yet, as his foster son’s requirements grew, Costa was concerned about being unable to cover the enormous costs of medical care, health insurance, transportation, and so on.

He is the love of his life, Costa stated, adding that he would never abandon Silva. Yet he recognized that he needed assistance in order to adequately care for his child. He intended to identify Silva’s birth father or any other blood relatives who may help financially.

Most crucially, Costa did not want his foster son to be alone if anything bad happened to him or his mom. This is a beautiful embodiment of a father’s love for his kid!

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