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Woman admits her bedding hasn’t been washed in 100 yrs.

Although many of us are guilty of failing to wash our bedding on a regular basis, one lady claimed hers hadn’t been washed in 100 years.

The lady was shown in an episode of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, a Channel 4 show that debuted in 2013.

It followed folks who, by their own admission, can’t stop cleaning, and matched them with others on the opposite end of the spectrum who had houses in dire need of a makeover.

They would work together to understand the extremes of their behaviours in order to establish a happy and healthy middle ground.

Hayley and Dann, cleaning obsessives, visited Plas Teg, a haunting Grade I listed 17th-century Jacobean house in north Wales, in one episode.

Cornelia and her 12 cats lived in the ancient house, along with a lot of muck and dust.

The journey was touted on the show as Hayley and Dann’s biggest challenge yet, with video showing them rolling up to the massive structure with terrified expressions on their faces.

As Hayley was escorted to her room, she hesitantly questioned Cornelia, “Cornelia, when was the bedding last washed?”

Cornelia responded truthfully, “Never.”

Hayley, who was diagnosed with OCD in 2007 but has had it since she was four, then said, “It’s never been washed? So, how about the mattress? Do you wash the mattresses?”

The homeowner replied, ‘of course not,’ with a puzzled expression, before the cleaning expert inquired as to the age of the mattress.

That may be a hundred years old or something, Cornelia speculated. She added this is how people used to live years ago – and this is how she still live.

Hayley’s Help is her own YouTube channel where she not only gives cleaning hacks and suggestions, but also remarks on her appearances on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

In a video released in 2020, the married mother-of-three reflected on her “most popular episodes and difficulties” ever, including the time Cornelia informed them they couldn’t use bleach anyplace – “only water.”

Hayley said that at this point, she was wondering, ‘What is she going to do?’

If she is being honest, she is experiencing a bit of an internal collapse.

It was the first obstacle for her, and straightaway she thought, ‘This is going to go south very, very soon,’ Hayley continued.

Since she was thinking things like, ‘How is she going to get these toilets clean? What is she going to use to clean the washbasin drains and drop items down the drains?’

She was freaking out inside like a badger being followed by Carol Baskin!

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