Woman Adopts Elderly Dog. But Is SHOCKED To Learn This About Him.

When you’re a kid, it’s great to have a pet. They almost become an extension of yourself. And the only thing better than having that pet as a kid… is having that pet as an adult.

When Nicole Grimes was 10 years old, her grandmother gave her a puppy named Chloe. And Nicole just loved that dog, and it wasn’t too long before she considered their relationship as best friends.

A few years later, when Nicole was 14, her dad got a job working in customer service from the family home in Mariana, Pennsylvania. And it was great that he could do it from home. But there was also a problem. Chloe would bark. And she would bark a lot. And that interfered significantly with Nicole’s dad doing his job. So Nicole’s mom and dad had to make a tremendously difficult decision. They decided to find Chloe a new home. It was very painful for Nicole, but she wasn’t upset with her parents, because she knew it was a hard decision for them to make, and she understood WHY they had to make it.

In time, Nicole accepted that her best friend was in another good home and being taken care of. But she never forgot about her best friend Chloe.

Last year, when Nicole was 21, living about a half hour away from where she grew up she now had a family of her own, including a young daughter, and she and her husband decided to adopt a pet of their own.

At about the same time, a Facebook friend of Nicole’s posted photos of an aging dog that the family was looking to rehome. And that small, gray dog reminded Nicole an awful lot of the one she had to give up so many years back. So she decided to bring the dog into her family.

Turns out, that dog’s name was Chloe, just like the dog she had when she was younger. And THIS Chloe was 11 years old, the same age that Nicole’s Chloe would be by this time. So, after wondering if this could possibly be the very same Chloe, Nicole took her to a veterinarian and had them read the microchip inside her. And, against all odds, this Chole was, indeed her beloved best friend of so many years ago. And an amazed Nicole considers that just as good – if not better – than hitting the lottery. 

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