Woman Asking If She Should Tell Husband ‘Their Kids’ Aren’t His.

Source: Reddit

I am love married for 15 years now and living happily with my husband and two daughters 14 & 13 years old. He is not their real father and he is not aware of that. From my college days when I was dating him, I used to have casual sex with guys around. Please don’t ask me about counts.

After marriage I became a housewife and was less social. But this didn’t change me. I still get to meet guys when my husband was out which included his cousin, friends, laundry man, neighbours etc.

So in short I did it with multiple guys. And I have no regrets, I still do it but less frequently. When my daughters were 5 & 6 I got their DNA tested and as expected came to know he isn’t their father. He is a good man though, but I feel if I tell him, he will leave me, and that will affect my daughter’s life financially. So what should I do?

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