Woman asks if she was wrong to throw ‘unhelpful’ husband’s dinner out the backdoor.

Every marriage has its highs and lows. Being a wife may be stressful, but when do you cross the line from wife to b*tch? When this lady becomes enraged at her husband for failing to contribute to domestic tasks and child raising and then throwing his supper out the door. Read the story and let us know whether she was right for dumping her husband’s dinner out the back door?

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After a long day home with my (34F) two kids (6yrs &5 months) my husband (32 M) came home, stripped down to his underwear, and grabbed the baby while I was finishing up dinner and loading the dishwasher. I WFH and take care of the kids until my daughter goes back to school in 2 weeks.

While I’m getting dinner ready to put on the table, I noticed that my husband left his work iPad and his bag on the table. This is one of those “my wife divorced me for putting my glass in the sink” situations, in that I’ve asked him time and time again to put his things away. Especially the iPad since it’s for his job and dangerous to leave around when you have kids. I angrily point out these things, obviously frustrated, and my husband gives me a facetious “sorry”, as if my annoyance is in return annoying.

I tell him not to talk to me that way when I’m reminding him to pick up after himself and he starts going off on how tired he was, how he had a long day, and that his apology was sincere despite not sounding sincere.

He puts his things away as he’s going off, and I’m still getting dinner ready for the kids. He starts to sit down and prepare himself a plate. I say, “You don’t get to talk to me that way and eat the food I’ve prepared for dinner.” He says, “You never let me make dinner (false) because I always do it wrong” I responded with, “Take out is not making dinner. Did you even have anything planned for tonight?”

Of course he didn’t.

This goes on for a while with him insisting that since I won’t accept his apology I’m the reason we were fighting. Since I refuse to let him continue to talk to me with disrespect, he’s getting angrier and angrier.

He eventually gets so angry he slams his fork into the table, bending it in half, and I’ve had enough. I tell him to get out of the house. He argues that he can’t go anywhere because he’s in his underwear, so I tell him to go out in the back yard. He refuses. So I grab his dinner that he set up for himself and throw it out the backdoor. In order to get him out too, I threw his vape pen into the yard. He finally went out and I shut the door.

This all happened in front of our children and I apologized to my oldest and told them that what we just did was not what grownups are supposed to do. My husband eventually came back in and also apologized to our kid, then turned to me and said “how can I help?”

I told him I didn’t need help and he decided to go to bed at 7pm.

I’m torn, because I hate that he tries to play the tired card when he doesn’t have a strenuous job, doesn’t do 3am wake ups with the baby, and isn’t expected to do two jobs at once like I am; but I kept the fight going instead of just dropping it.

I know we need therapy, we’re on a wait-list; but What are your opinions? Did I over react? 

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