Woman asks if she’s wrong to miss nephew’s funeral for her daughter’s party.

A sudden death in the family may rock anyone’s world. But what if your family expects you to put your life on hold because of a horrific event? When a woman had to choose between attending her daughter’s graduation celebration and her nephew’s burial, her relatives informed her she made the wrong decision. Read the story and let us know if you think she made the wrong decision?

Source: Reddit

My (47) daughter Zoe’s (18) graduation party is coming up, this is a big moment/milestone in her life and we’ve all been looking forward to it.

My family is pretty scattered and most live in different states. We’ve gone through a major tragedy recently, after my nephew and his partner both passed away in an accident. The funeral is the day before Zoe’s graduation party. It’s out of state and I’ll need to fly, meaning I’ll miss Zoe’s graduation. It’s impossible for Zoe to go, and she’d be bored anyway, so my husband will stay with her, but he’s saying that I should at least attend the funeral. Zoe however is a bit upset naturally, as she wants me to be there as well.

Me and sister Grace (57), my nephew’s mom, get along well and everything, but we’ve never been super close since she’s significantly older than me, and she’d moved out before I was a teen. I called Grace after I heard the news and of course she was very upset and emotional. I did mention I don’t think I can attend the funeral, and my other sister cursed me out.

Now the rest of my family is saying that we don’t care and are okay partying after something like this has happened. So Am I A Jerk?

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